Welcome to Asanti Dance Theatre. Specialists in African Drum and Dance and Australia's leading Afro-Contemporary performance company.


Directed by Appiah Annan (Sidney Myer Creative Fellow), Asanti Dance Theatre is an internationally recognised African drum and dance performance company that have worked with professionals, students and travelers from around the world. They play, teach, perform and entertain leaving a long lasting impression on those who cross their paths.

This highly energetic drum and dance ensemble present an unforgettable experience of African music, dance and culture fused with the contemporary influences of Australia. Asanti has quickly evoked interest from the Australian public and continues to grow rapidly. Bookings are now sought out well in advance and the company performs and runs workshops at all kinds of events including festivals, schools, corporate events, weddings and much more.

Asanti use their position in the community to raise funds for their non for profit organisation ‘Nkabom’, Centre for the Arts,Creation, Innovation and Community Cultural Development, based in a small village in Ghana. You can see more about this project at www.nkabom.org


Past events

SANKOFA - Return and Get It


An ancient Ghanaian symbol of a bird reaching its neck back towards its tail Sankofa teaches us that before one can move forward one must look back to the past.

Asanti Dance Theatre presents a visceral and uplifting new work by Australia's leading African dancer/ choreographer, Appiah Annan. With live accompaniment from renowned Melbourne sound artist Dale Gorfinkel and instrumentalists Lamine Sonko, Kofi Kunkpe, Boubacar Gaye and Bassidi Kone, Sankofa unites West African performance traditions and contemporary Australian dance practice in a stunning fusion of modern discipline and raw rhythmic energy.



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web: www.asantidancetheatre.com / email: info@asantidancetheatre.com / phone: 0415 729 145